Aattinkutti is the real Pulikutty

Lal Jose directed film Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum which got released during the Ramzan time got the first place among the movie which got released this time. Lal jose has really succeeded in telling the story in his usual style mixing romance and humor beautifully through out the film . In the background of Kuttanad, The director has succeeded in experimenting Kuchackoo Boban with a never before seen look and he made the actor to steo out of his comfort zone and experiment with his roles and his physical appearance, which involved a certain amount of risk. The film is picturised in the beautiful backdrop of Kuttanad. Director Lal jose and the Photographer S kumar together has presented a beautiful film as an Eid gift to the audience. The story revolves around Gopan , the owner of a house boat named Chakkattutharayil. His other name is Chakka Gopan and he has three brothers Chakka vijayan, Chakka suku, Chakka maniyan. In Gopans language, their main job is eating which they inherited from ancestors. Gopan falls in love with a dancer Kainakari Jayashree. The plot of the story is How Gopan tackles the problem created by his brothers and Wealthy House boat owner Kuryachan and his love life. The picture shows he handles the problem in his very own style. Kunchako Boban is playing the role of Gopan and Namitha Pramod is doing the role of Gopans love interest .Jayashree. Shammi Thilakan has played the role of the Wealthy House Boat owner and his brothers part has been played by Jojo, Sheju, and Irshad. All the three has executed their part beautifully as comedians. K.PC Lalitha, Bindu Panikar, Tesni Khan, Irshad, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Harishree Ashokan, Anushree, and Shammi Thilakan has done justice to their roles. The other highlight of the film is characterization . The costumes and outfits and look of the has been designed based on the characters. Gopans artificial modernity in the costumes and his beard look shows that. Suraj Venjaramoodu has succeeded in presenting his character with a serious humour. which is really different from his earlier characters. The film portrays the real culture of the people, the tourism and the tips which they adopt to tackle the tourists is all well portrayed. Namitha Pamod who did the role of Jashree has also executed her part very well. The Music and the trailer had become hit when it got released in Youtube itself. And since it is romantic comedy, Director has taken extra care not to disappoint his viewers with the element. The film cannot be categorized in a single mode as a love story or an entertainer. It is also a family film , an entertainer. This film has all the qualities of a family film. The film which shows the culture, and life style of the Kuttanad in a simple manner. It also highlights the beautiful landscape of this place The scripting of the film is done by A SinjuRaj. Vidyasagar the music director has presented us beautiful melodies which will sooth our ears. The landscape chosen for the song “ Kootimutiiya “ and Ottathumpi” . The song Ottatumpi makes us to remember the scenes from Meesamadhavan.. Lal jose has presented the story in such a way which suits the present life style and the situation. After the film “ Meesamadhavan” S Kumar has gifted us with some amazing stunning frames that soak up the very last bit of exquisiteness from the spectacular Kuttanadu locales. The photography is the main highlight of the film. The film is presented as a sweat and beautiful travel experience in a house boat along the vambanad lake for two and half hours. After "Meesamadhavan" the team of Lal Jose, Vidyasagarm , S Kumar is getting united after a long time. When the photography provides you beautiful and amazing visuals, Music director is also providing you music which sooths your ear. The back drop of the film is also beautifully and carefully picturised. It is purely a family entertainer which charms you with all these qualities, This not the story of a man of Kerala, it is the story of the life style of Kuttanad . If you expect an entertainer then the film is a must watch.