Aamir Khan acts half nude!!!

It is very rare in the indian movies that the actors are willing to do anything to make their roles perfect. Aamir Khan is an actor who does anything to make his role perfect and so is he called Mr.Perfectionist. Audience had seen Aamir’s different roles through the movies Ghajini, Dil Chaahtha Hein, and Rang Dhe Basanthi. Aamir is now going to shock the audience with another movie, after starring in Dhoom 3 in which he has a negative role. In the movie PK he is going to act half naked, says the reports. PK is the movie by Raj Kumar Hirani.
Aamir has the role of an alien who comes down to earth in its own will. All are eagerly waiting for the movie to be released as Aamir always surprises the audiences.