Aadhi Medhavigal

Tamil Cinema has evolved over the years and so has its audience. Initially it was known for its conservative and traditional approach, today it is all about appreciating and accepting something which can be termed as ‘sensible’ in the real world. The presence of a ‘Big Star’ or a well-known ‘Production House’ no longer holds high level of importance. New entrants into the industry with the right talent and the perennial drive to achieve something are accepted whole-heartedly and welcomed with sheer gratitude. Malcolm, a well-known name in the Entertainment & Show business for more than a decade runs Cloud 9 Entertainment, an agency for Branding, Launching and Strategic Operations. Born and brought up in Chennai, Malcolm started his career with Music and Fashion. He now decides to explore into a new venture and takes a stance on stepping into the Film industry. He sets out to hunt for a director, who could carry out his first film efficiently. “I was looking for a brilliant director, but I didn’t just find a brilliant one; found a super brilliant script as well,” says Malcolm. “I had met a lot of directors before finalizing ‘The One’. Out of all, I was impressed with Ranjith manikandan as his approach was different and unique. He came prepared with a teaser,” adds Malcolm. Director Ranjith manikandan accomplished his Bachelors in the field of Engineering in Chennai. He worked with renowned director Mr. K. Bhagyaraj, as assistant director for few years and has also worked on some of the leading advertisements. However, Ranjith manikandan is glad that the producer has appreciated the concept of the script and is all set to kick-start the project soon. Ranjith manikandan points out that, “Since the producer claims the script to be ‘super brilliant’, I need to hunt down for a lead that can not only act brilliantly onscreen but is also one in real. During this process, I found Suresh ravi; the best fit for the role visualized by us.” Suresh ravi comes from the Engineering background as well. He started his career in modeling, moved on to do ad films for a while and then decided to work as a Video Jockey in sun music, which he successfully accomplished for the last five years. He claims that, “I have been waiting for the right script for quite some years and I’m thrilled to have found the right team and make a mark on the silver screen now.” Inspite of everything falling in place, something appears incomplete; the jig-saw puzzle seems to have a missing link. Ranjith brings in Ishaara nair as the lead actress. She is from Kerala and pursued her masters in Biotechnology. She initiated her journey with modeling and then stepped into the Kollywood industry and has been a part of three films, which are on the verge of release. “I’m glad to know that I fit into a Super-brilliant script and I look forward to this being a different experience all together,” comments Ishaara nair. Finally Ranjith manikandan says that, “After the efforts to look for the ‘super brilliant’ factor within different people and succeeding in bringing them all together, the most suitable title for the film would be ‘Adhi Maedhavigal’.”