Herewith i forward the press note pertaining to "Aaaah" the upcoming project of KTVR Creative frames. Oil Horror in the Tamil film industry has always been a special place. So victorious horror films of moisture, they are all fine, yamirukka fear and say many films. Horror is not attractive to all parties. In order to come out with great anticipation that the Oil will keep screaming as everyone else in this film. Oh, and not just a loud noise. B The name of the film. Already a dinner and ampuli ittiraippatt directors Hari Shankar and Harish narayan two successful horror films are directed. The film, Tokyo, Dubai, Andhra highway, in the middle of the Bay of Bengal and Tamil Nadu as the ATM of a bank shot in five different locations. The film has been developed to embrace a true incident. The film is an adaptation of the name Oro was built in sound technology. In the movie "ampuli famous" kokulnat, Simha, Bala Saravanan, the three friends worked. Meghna plays the heroine. And with MS. S.. Bhaskar, Baskin, the main characters featured in srijit. Cinematography by Satish. G, K songs. Venkatprabhu Shankar, background icaikkorpu camci S, Harish Shankar Gallery. In R. v. Creative prems ketivi product. Loganathan, V.. Jananathan and co-produced by Srinivas S.Loganathan. The film's story is about the kuriyavata directors, three college friends who met after a long time they met to share experiences in horror. The same thing happens with the center of everyone anupankalum. So the trio travel to all the places. Haunted trio's journey, they will encounter on the trip is to look at the picture Anxiety anupankalum says so. Aaaah On the list of Tamil horror movies mostly all the Flicks have been hit big like Yavarum nalam, Eeram, Yaamirukka Bayamey etc. all class audience push them self to watch horror movies in all languages ​​and we are expecting the next horror flick on which we are going to scream will be Aaaah. Aaaah is not only a expression here it is the name of the movie. It denotes fear in many languages. after the line-up of two horror movies this will be the hatrick hit by the duo directors Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan. This time they have chosen to make a horror anthology movie. they have used five different places and the whole story revolves on those places like Tokyo, Dubai, Andhra Highways, a ATM centre and in the middle of Bay Of Bengal. this is based on a true story but developed by Science Fiction to add up spice to the movie, to make it more effective they have used the AURO sound technology. In this horror Flick we have Ambuli gokulnath, Simha, Bala, Megna as the lead role and with them we have MSBhaskar, basky, and srijith. This movie is produced by V. loganathan, V.jananathan, Srinivas loganathan under the banner of KTVR Creative frames and the cinematography is done by satish G. Music by K.venkatprabhu Shankar, Background Score by Shyam CS and the cuts by Harish shankar When asked for the story the Directors said that it is a story of three college friends who meet up after a long time and they share their horror experience. All the incidents are tied up to a single fulcrum and the friends start travelling to the places and the story travels with three friends and the consequences they face is the climax so it's time to add up a new horror movie in our list