3 Bollywood Movies for Mohanlal

There will be many movies of Mohanlal in 2014. Though there were no much movies in 2013, in 2014 there are twice the number of movies with versatile characters and stories. Reports say that he has been planning to do movies in Hindi too. Lal who had acted in Aag, Company and Tez before has now committed in 3 new bollywood movies. One of the movies is made by Club 60, directed by Sanjay Tripati and it is an action thriller. Mohanlal comes as a RAW officer Jeevanathan. This ought to be a movie that gives Lal much expectations. The other 2 movies are in the process. One of the movies is by Rajkumar Santhoshi who has made many hits. The other film is one that is a movie against the AIDS directed by Priyadarshan. In this movie alongwith Mohanlal, Amir Khan will also be acting. This movie will be different from the usual Priyan movies and it will be one like that of . The bollywood movies so far acted had not given Lal much popularity, it was Company that got clicked atleast. The police role in this movie is also one that has been discussed much.