Will This Taxi Run?

72 Model Poster


Once Rajasenan was one of the directors whose films were a huge splendid hit. Jayaram was his usual hero in most of his films. But when time paved way for other actors and Jayaram’s glory started to fade, Rajasenan changed spotting on Jayaram and took a luck with new stars like Jayasurya and Kailash but his movies never were a hit like before. At time, he apeared in front of the camera for the film “Oru Small Family”. And then for some time he acted on some TV serials. He is returning back as a director after a long time through 72 Model. The film casts Govind Padmasurya and Sreejith Ravi. Soniya Das, Nazrein, Vijaya Raghavan and Madhu are also being featured in this film.