Yagavarayinum Naa Kakka Movie Press Release

The film’s title – yakavarayinum nakakka
Producer – raviraja pinicetti (who has directed more than 60 in various languages ​​of India)
Production company – Adarsh ​​citralaya Pvt. Ltd.
The protagonist – Adi (beast, moisture, Aravan distinctive acting in films).
Heroine – Nikita kalrani (Malayalam ran the hundred days “1983” was featured in the film and serves as a leading actress in Tamil debut. Kannatttilum he serves as a leading actress).
Other Cast – Mithun Chakraborty (in Hindi, Tamil, who plays the biggest star in the first film).
– And Nasser, Pasupathy, Kitty, Narain, Harish, Pithamagan Mahadevan stars.
– FriendFeed has played a key role.
Director – Satya Prabhas pinicetti (American Film Institute, who has studied the movement. Producer raviraja pinicetti’s eldest son, is an actor Adi’s brother.)
Cinematographer – N. canmukacuntaram (who is the cinematographer of the film rauttiram)
Editor – V.J. Sabu Joseph (Older He won the National Award for the film).
Music – ‘Introduction’ piracan – Pravin – Sham trio.
Art director – A. Amaran (drawing Pesudhadi, and said, Nandhalala worked in films).
Songwriter – Lotus, Madan Karky.
Stunt – Dilip Subbarayan and Vijay.
Dance – Dinesh.
Synopsis – Chennai few years ago, based on true events in the life of four friends who etukkappattir film “yakavarayinum nakakka”. If a word they say they will meet the tests of life, friendship, describing the film.

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