We are neglected says minor parties in UDF Alliance

We are neglected says minor parties in UDF Alliance

Thiruvananthapuram: Minor parties in the UDF raises their protests on not being included in the party discussions on reshuffle in the ministry. They argue that the discussion with Kerala Congress and Muslim League is against the alliance ethics.

Kerala Congress (B) leader ridiculed saying that not even the UDF convener is being informed about the meetings now. This is being serving outside after being invited for a feast. Balakrishna Pilla said Kerala Congress will not leave its claim for ministership to any one. This much of humiliation has not happened ever He added. Johny Nelloor of Kerala Congress (Jacob) asked aloud whether UDF means Congress, League and Mani alone. The things are moving in the direction as if Congress, League and Mani alone are UDF and the others are their homestead dwellers. Congress should not continue saying all are equal in UDF said Nelloor . In UDF things are in favor of those having muscle power says JSS leader K.K Shaju. CMP also is unhappy over the congress actions.