12th district of Kerala state, formed on November 1st, 1980, Wayanad has its headquarters in Kalpetta.

Behind the name ‘Wayanad’
Difference of opinion exists even today in case of the name of this district. The Madras Manual Administration states that the name of the district was initially Maayashethra. In malayalam it was translated to Mayanad and through frequent usage has now attained the name ‘Wayanad’. It also has the names Vayalnadu, Vazhinadu and Vananadu.

The weapons made in the stone age found in Kuppakoli and Aariyamkolli near the Edakkal caves gives us the information that there were inhabitants in this place 5000 years ago.Many ancient wall paintings, inscriptions and monuments were found in Ambukuthimala, a place between Sultan Bathery and Ambalavayal. Dr.Rajendran commented that the paintings found were that of the stone age.

Edakkal Cave scriptures
Edakkal caves can be considered as one of the ancient monuments.This place has the saga of the powerful rulers that ruled the place. Edakkal means a large stone in between 2 huge hills and thus it got the name. This place has been part of study for many years by anthropologists and historians.

Thovari pictures
After Edakkal wall paintings it is the Thovari paintings that is famous. It is found in the Thovari hills situated about 5 kms from the Edakkal. The paintings here are done with more sharper and minuter stone weapons, says Dr.Raghav Warrier.

Places of Worship
Sri Thirunneli Mahavishnu Temple
Most famous Vishnu temple in Wayanad. Also known as Sahyamala Temple and is surrounded by Karimala, Varadiga and Kambamala. The infrastructure provides a visual treat and surprise as the temple is supported by 30 pillars. The temple is famous for salvation. 2 ancient villages Paapanaashini village and Panjatheertha village remained here
once, now only remains of which can be found. These villages were destroyed by some unknown reasons.

Thrissileri Mahadeva Temple
A temple of great historical significance. One among the 108 temples of Lord Shiva in kerala. The shrine of Lord Shiva faces the East. It is after offering the offerings at this temple that the believers go to the Mahavishnu temple. It is believed that Parasurama had built this temple.

Pallikunnu Church
One among many churches in Wayanad. Built in 1908 by Fr.Jefferino in the name of Lourde Matha. Interesting fact about this church is that some rituals of the hindu community are followed in this church.

Korom Masjid
Ancient muslim masjid about 300 years old built by the Nair community.

Places of Tourist Attraction
Situated at Ambukuthimala. The highest peak at Wayanad is situated here. Caves that has wall paintings and inscriptions can be found. 1000 metres above sea level. In order to reach the caves, almost 1km has to be walked.

Kurava Island
An island comprising a group of 150 small islands in the river Kabani. No inhabitants. An island good fro sight seeing and to enjoy the natural beauty.

A bird sanctuary in Wayanad sitauted in Brahmagiri about 1740 metres above the sea level. A cave full of bats can also be found here. Different species of birds can be found here. Migratory birds can also be found here.

Pazhassiraja memorial monument
Pazhassikudeeram is situated here to commemorate the death of the great ruler and warrior Pazhassiraja.

Pookodu lake
A lake surrounded by hills and forest. 2500 metres above sea level and situated at Vythiri. Peddle boating is enabled here.

Bethery Jain Temple
13th century Jain temple that later turned out to be a warehouse of weapons fot Tippu Sultan. Declared a historical monument in 1921.

Meenmutti Waterfalls
The second largest waterfalls in Wayanad. Situated 29 kms from Kalpetta. There are 3 waterfalls nearby, Meenmutti, Soochipara and Kanthapara Waterfalls.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Well known for the elephants and leopards here, the sanctuary is situated between Sultan Bathery and Mysore. Declared as wildlife sanctuary in 1973.

Soochipara Waterfalls
Situatedin the Meppadi village. The water falls into a lake that has swimming and wide water rafting enabled in it.

Educational Institution
Goverment Engineering College,Wayanad, established in 1999 and affliated to Kannur University.