Wages to increase for employment guarantee programme

Thozhilurappu Padhathi-Malayalamnews Kochi; The decision to increase the wages for the state workers under Mahathma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee programme, to Rs. 200 /- will be taken at the earliest say K.P Dhaanapalan M.P. All the MPs from the state and ministers  including the Chief minister are putting pressure to pass the order  to increase the wages from the present Rs.180/- to 200/-  in the coming parliament meeting. It is expected that it will be decided in the meeting starting on 4th August. said MP. The present daily wages in the state is of the range 300 to 500/- per day. So in that situation the wages for benefactors of programme should get minimum Rs.200/-.In many north Indian states where the daily wages is Rs. 100/- ,so for them Rs.180/ is a big amount but in Kerala the case is different  said MP. He was inaugurating the five day training   for programme mates at Angamali.