Vinay Forrt in Rasputin

Vinay Forrt is getting busy in the Malayalam film industry. His commitment and choice of roles is the major factor which takes him to the heights. His next film is ‘Rasputin’ by the debut director Jinu Daniel.

It will delve into the psyche of a typical Malayali man, with regard to women and relationships. “Most of us have been brought up to think that girls are from another planet altogether. There was such segregation in schools too. The main character of my film, Susheelan(Vinay Forrt), is one such man who is extremely diffident around women; he has never courted one. Aju Varghese also plays Susheelan’s friend, while Sreenivasan plays Susheelan’s strict, traditional father. The story and screenplay are Jinu’s.

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