Vellappalli requested to exempt Adoor Prakash – Fenny Balakrishnan

Fenni Balakrishnan

Thiruvanthapuram: Fenny Balakrishnan, advocate of Solar scam accused Saritha S. Nair said that General secretary of SNDP Yogam Vellappally Nateshan, had requested him to exempt Adoor Praskash name if Saritas confidential statement mention his name. He further added that Velappally was asking again and again about Saritas statement. He also enquired repeatedly whether Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation K C Venugopal’s name has been included. He spoke in a way to include Venugopals name if the statement does not mentions ministers name.  The advocate Fenny said that since it is the matter related to court, he told Velapally that he can’t discuss about this issue. He really does not know why Velappally was asking about this. Being a community leader Velappally Natesan should not lie like this told Fenny Balakrishnan.