Thrisha caught in a fix!!

Our actresses don’t dare to tell their favourite actor’s name when asked. If compelled, they would escape by telling either Mamooty’s or Mohanlal’s name. That is better, else they would also be trapped just as Thriha has been!!
Thrisha who revealed her favourite actor has now been in a fix now. She was asked to prioritize her favourites from 1 to 5. She prioritized Ajith in the first position, Surya in the second, Vikram in the third, Kamal Hasan in the fourth and Vijay in the fifth position. Ajith fans made this a celebration but then the Vijay fans turned against Thrisha. They protested harshly through social media.
Atlast Thrisha herself had to reply to the fans. She said that she deliberately did not tell anything to hurt anyone’s feelings. She has love and respect to all the stars who have acted with her. And she also requested to put an end to this protest.