Thiuvanchoor denied any involvement in the leakage of the phone call list

Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan

Trivandrum: Thiruvanchoor  Radhakrishnan denied charges that the phone call list of Saritha was leaked with the connivance of the home ministry. Yesterday evening he went to the ‘Cliff House’ and disclosed this in the presence of the Chief Minister Ummen Chandi, Ramesh Chennithala and P P Thankachan. In the morning meeting at the chief minister’s chamber, Ramesh had complained about the home ministry. It was due to this, that Thiruvanchoor was called for the evening meeting.

At the same time Ummen Chandi denied the rumor that the home minister is going to be replaced. We have discussed only the contemporary matters. It’s unfortunate that the visual media is indulging in spreading things we have not even discussed, added the Chief Minister.