Thettayil case: High Court doubts if the allegation of rape would stand legal scrutiny

Jose Thettayil
Jose Thettayil

Kochi: The High Court expressed its doubt, if the allegation of rape would stand the legal scrutiny. Justice P.Bhavadasan was expressing his doubts on the basis of the statement given by the woman complainant. After hearing both the complainant and the defendant, the court kept aside the case for issuing the order.

Thetayil’s advocate argued that it is clear from the complaint that the woman arranged the camera in advance and later indulged in consensual sex. But the Govt. pleader argued that the promise of making his son marry her was taken by the woman seriously and this led to the rape. Having sex with a woman, after giving a false promise of marriage, is a culpable offence. The woman’s complaint is that, as the would-be father-in-law Thettayil went with her to her flat and molested her first and then tried to rape her.  That action was culpable added the Govt. pleader. The court in reply asked him, if there was any rape involved in that.