There is no land registered in the name of Chandy Oommen at Balaramapuram: Sub Registrar

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Chandy Oommen

Thiruvananthapuram: The allegation of having property in the name of Chandy Oommen son of Chief Minister, Former minister Ganesh Kumar and Saritha S Nair ,is baseless said the Sub registrar of Balaramapuram after his enquiry . The enquiry was ordered by Chief Minister.

In his report submitted to police the Sub Registrar of Balaramapuram states that there is no record showing the land transaction in the name of Chandy Oommen, former Minister K.Ganesh Kumar and Saritha S Nair. The allegation was raised by DYFI leader Sanju who was the co prisoner of Biju Radhakrishnan. Following this Chandy Oommen made it clear that he is not having any property anywhere in India and the allegations are raised without any evidence.