The robbers snatched bag containing Rs.37 lakhs during day time; caught


Thiruvananthapuram: The robbers who did robbing during day time caught at state capital. The team who came on bike snatched the bag containing Rs. 36,45,500/- from the cooperative society president who was returning from bank withdrawing money that has to be distributed as loan to fishermen. The incident took place before Ayurveda College at M.G Road on Saturday around 12.30 pm. Four people caught by the evening and money recovered from them. They are from Jharkhand and Bengal. Two more are there, to be caught.

Karakulam Fisherman Cooperative Society president Mr. Yesurajan was crossing the road while he was snatched. The money was out of the loan sanctioned by Matsyafed to the members of the society. His friend Mr. Vijayakumar was also with him. They came to the bank to withdraw the money to be distributed to 350 fisher women on Sunday.

The details about the robbers were got from the camera at Ayurveda college junction. It was from these clips that it got confirmed as six member team. They were traveling by bike, auto and car. Their faces and vehicle numbers were not clear on the camera clips. But Yesurajan identified them by the colour of the dress. The people in auto were followed and caught by police. Police, as ten teams, went immediately in search of the robbers at different parts of the city. Search is continuing for the others. According to police, they are still in town.