The list is a fake: Saritha’s lawyer

SarithaKochi: The supposedly secret list of Saritha S Nair, arrested in the Solar scam case is a fake, says Saritha’s lawyer.  He argued that the list was not in Saritha’s handwriting, and that the list exposed by the press was a phoney one.  Saritha’s lawyer also said that Saritha will be filing a case against P.C.George for publicizing a fake list.

Advocate Feny admitted that a list with the details of people, to whom Saritha has to give back money, has been prepared, and copies of that list are in the hands of Saritha, Biju and himself.  He said while some of the names in the fake list are true, many others are false.

He also said that decision regarding the publicizing of the true list will be done only after talks with Saritha.