Sunny Leon to act in an ‘A’ film

Sunny Leon, the Jism 2 and Jackpot fame is very busy these days. She was Indo- Canadian porn star before and all doubt whether she has again turned to a porn star. Sunny Leon is now starring in a Marathi movie which is a ‘A’ film and this increases the heart beast of the viewers.
Sunny leon is acting in the movie ‘Vulgar Activities Incorp’ directed by the national award winner Sujay Dhahake. The movie discusses about the sexual assaults and abuses as well as the intrusion of porn movies.
When Sunny was invited for a program at Pune, there were many protests against this, but then when she arrived there was a huge mob.This was the reason that made Sunny to be selected into this movie.
The plot discusses about the story of a boy falling in love with a porn film actress. The life of porn film actors and the affectations of these movies in the society is discussed in this movie.