Solar Scam : Around 200 people have fallen prey

Solar - Newskerala

Thiruvananthapuram: Report has come that many have fallen prey to the Solar Scam.  And many more have kept their mouths shut and not filed any complaints.

The lists of around 100 people who have not filed complaints have come out in the open through the press.  Of those who have not filed complaints, losses amount to anywhere between Rs.70, 000 to Rs.50, 00,000.  And even more people are said to be included the secret list prepared by Saritha.S.Nair in the Solar scam case.

This list has come out only after the scam was brought into the open, as many had kept it a secret, fearing public humiliation.  There was also pressure on the person who had initially filed the complaint against Saritha.S.Nair, to withdraw his complaint.