So many people advised me not to act with manju warrier says Kanika

Actress kanika said that she does not regret for the cameo role which she did in manju warrier starter ‘how old are you’. In fact she told that she is very happy to be the part of the film. She also added that she considers lucky to play the role of manjus friend in the film. She herself is a big fan of Manju Warrier. She said that so many people had advised her not to become part in the come back film of manju warrier as it entirely give importance and focus on her. In spite of Every ones advise she has decided to play the role. She said that the character Susan who is the mentor and guide to the Lead role played by Manju gave her immence happiness. she told in an interview that the role of the corporate employee in the film was entirely different from the other usual roles she has done so far. She has revealed this in an interview given for a national media.
So many people advised me not to act with manju warrier says Kanika – |Actress Kanika did a Cameo Role In How Old Are You
Actress kanika said that She Is Happy to Do a Cameo Role In the Manju Warrier comeback film How Old Are You Inspite of So many People’s Advise
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