Sneha out of Malayalee House


Sneha becomes the first inmate to go out of the reality show Malayalee House being disqualified. While it is not known whether she will be allowed a reentry to the show.  She is disqualified as being found out as contacting someone outside over the phone there are hundreds of questions arising out of the incident of Sneha getting out of the show. How she was able to contact outside? Who was on line with her? Whether it was planned or accidental? Why Rahul Eshar is always blamed for the problems? etc.

Sneha nambiar was disqualified and sent out of the show on finding out that she did contact some one outside when they allowed for a movie. This is revealed to Rahul and others by herself and found out by the malayalee house camera. Now the game is to continue with 10 contestants G S Pradeep, Rahul Eshwar, Sindhu Joy, Rossin Jolly, Sherrin Varghese, Sasha, Neena Kurup, Thinkal Bhal and Santhosh Pandit.