Server Sundharam press release

Many an auspicious acts mark the beginning of new ventures and on that note; the first shot of a movie always has the highest significance and a lot of thought goes into deciding that special shot. For Server Sundharam, what better act to mark the commencement than the milk sizzling ceremony (paal kaachum nigazhvu)! At the pooja spot today, Actor Santhanam transformed into Server Sundharam and said, “The costume makes me feel like a chef myself!” Director Anand Balki responded by saying, “Looking at Actor Santhanam as Server Sundharam reminds me of my previous experience working as an executive chef at a hotel”. The crew at the shooting spot broke into tears of joy and laughter for a brief period in spite of the usual nervousness that prevails at any shooting spot. It is noteworthy to add that Bijesh plays the second lead in the movie. Bijesh is none other than the first grandson of the late ace comedian Nagesh, the hero of the original classic Server Sundharam (1964). Produced by Selvakumar of Kenanya Films, directed by Anand Balki, and music by composer Santhosh Narayanan, serving as key ingredients, the team sure does promise a delicious treat for one and all!

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