Santhanam To Face Vadivelu’ s Wrath

Vadivelu the film actor and comedian of the Tamil film industry who ruled the hearts of the Tamil audience with his comedy has kept a low profile for quite some time. It is while he was ruling the Tamil film industry as the king of comedy , he had to face a big consequence. The actor had supported the DMK government and with his supporting party losing the election, Vadivelu kept himself out of media glare. Adding to that his comments on some stars in Tamil Nadu did not go well with the industry men. Also there was a news that he don’t behave properly with his fellow stars. And when this news got spread he was forced to keep himself away from the film industry for almost three years. There were not much comedians at that time. During his absence so many actors like santhanam has become active in the film as comedians. But after three years Vadivelu is coming back to films, through Jagajala Pujabala Thenaliraman . In this he will don the role of thennaliraman and Krishna Devarajar.
The actor has criticized in a strong language about the present trend of comedy in the tamil film. He said that during his absence so many comedians has come to the films, but no one was able to bring laughter and humor in the faces of the audience. The comedies presented by them are mostly low standard jokes and they use vulgar words. The words which the present comedians use is not suitable for the family audience . He complains that these type of humors are only making people run away from the theaters. These type of scenes will only help to increase the mental tension . He also told that he has already requested his fans not to see this type of cheap low standards jokes.