Salman Khan Wants to Give the Promotion Money to Charity.

Bollywood Actor Salman Khan Has requested Eros International distributor of his upcoming film Jai Ho to give one portion of the money kept for film promotion for charity. The amount allocated for the promotion work of the film is Rs 16 crore. But Actor had told the distributor and co producer of the film Sunil Lulla to revise the publicity budget and limit the promotion amount to Rs 6 crore and want to distribute the remaining money among the poor and needy while on city tours. Not only that Salman has also asked them to make sure that the ticket prices of Jai Ho aren’t too expensive and not to take the film out of the common man’s reach. Even though he gets hooked up in controversies often, Bollywood sees him as a man with a golden heart. Salman believes a film success lies not in publicity . The film will be released on 24th January .