Salala mobiles which tells the story of life and love to be released on January 23rd

Dulqar Salman’s upcoming film Salala Mobiles in which he Is pairing up with Nazria Nazim for the first time will get released early next year. The film is directed by the newcomer Sarath A Haridas. is a romantic comedy. The film Salala Mobiles tells a love story of two people Afsal and Shahana. The story deals with the life and the love story of a young man named Afzal who runs a mobile shop. Meanwhile it is a love story between a mobile shop owner and a girl who is a regular at the shop.

Afzal will put a mobile shop with the money given to him by his relative who is working in Salala. The shop witness most of the important incidents take place. The main location of the film is Kozhikode. This is the first time that Dulqur salman and Nazria Nazeem is teaming up. Siddique, Narayanan Kutty, Mamukoya, TiniTom are the other prominent actors who is in the film. Salala Mobiles is the first film in which Nazria Nazeem and Dulquar Salman Teaming up is reaching the theatres on January 23rd.