Rupesh Paul Claims Defamation Damages – Controversy Still Continuous

Director Writer Rupesh Paul of Kamasutra 3D, has sent Sherlyn Chopra legal notice demanding that she should withdraw all her abusive tweets immediately from the social networking site Twitter and also claimed defamation damages of Rs 5 crores from her to protect his reputation and his film. He sued the legal notice to the actress for publicly using abusive terms and foul languages on the social networking site.
Rupesh told that the relationship they both shared was of father daughter relationship. Sherlyn Used to call him Appa and suddenly became hostile. She suddenly withdrew from the film and started to abuse him in the filthiest language. Rupesh says that the sudden change in the character of the actress may be because when the new trailer came out there is less of her. That may have provoked her because the film is not about her. She is only one of the characters in the film. Sherlyn was an unknown porn star. Now what ever fame and recognition she achieved is only because of the film. The producers and directors are queued up and waiting for her is only because of the Kamasurtra 3D.

Rupesh accepted the accusation that he had changed the script of the film. He accepted the fact that they had offered her a different role from the committed one. They had made some changes and this has been mutually agreed by the actress. Then he also says that both the characters are important one.