Roshan Andrews is Giving Wings For the broken dreams of Ambujakshan

Malayalees might not forget the Ambujakshan the tailor and his broken dreams. All those who loved the Kamals film Azhakiya Raavanan can never forget this character Ambujakshan. The story of the tailor and sumathi written by the tailor cum novelist has entertained the cinema lovers. The main aspiration of the tailor is to make his novel into film and convince his rich friend Shankar by narrating the story ,to make his small novel into film. Sreenivasan has essayed the role of the tailor, who dreams of making his novel Chirakodinja Kinavukal into the movie. Roshan Andrews is bringing the old Ambujakshan to the silver screen again. Sreenivasan who essayed the role in the Previous version will once again gives life for the character ambujakshan . After years , his dream comes true, his novel gets a big screen adaptation. The film explore the funny incidents that happen during the preparations. Sreenivasan has written the screenplay for Roshan Andrews first film Udayananu Tharam

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