Rimi Tomy with the Music Album Dream

Rimi Tomy who is a well known singer and anchor can be called as a small birds eye chilly. More than a singer nowadays she is shining as an achor. She is very active and brings smile on the face of every audience who is watching her. But this fatty girl has an aspiration. She dreams about making a music album.
Her upcoming film song is from the film Aamayum Muyalum directed by Priyadarshan. Her song Starting from Chingamasam vannu chernnal … from film Meeshamadhavan has been liked by the audience and she became the favorite singer of the malyalees. This girl who hails from Palai is now Chirikudukka for the House wives . Rimi had spoken about her dream on making music album during an interview given to a new paper.