Ridiculed Peruchazhi : Mohanlal Fans Against Joy Mathew.

Controversies are not new for the actor director Joy Mathew as he always gives his opinion openly. This time Mohanlal Fans has come against him for a statement made by him against Mohanlal. The controversy got sparked out by his Facebook comment . Recently Joy Mathew shared a Photo in his Facebook which is from his latest release Angels and he got some harsh criticism from the viewers . Responding to the criticism he replied that people who criticizes Angels only need films like Peruchazhi.
This comment of Joy Mathew Came when the film is facing strong social criticism. He indirectly ridiculed the Mohanlal starrer film Peruchazhi. This did not go well with the Mohanlal fans and they took this seriously and they came out in a great rage widely though social media. The superstar’s fans are giving him fitting reply for ridiculing the super star though his Official Facebook itself.