Relatives Rob Shakeela’s Crore of Rupees

We have heard lot about football wave, cricket wave etc. Now in Malayalam film industry it is New Generation Wave. Before all this there was a wave which ruled the whole Malayalam film industry
It is Shakeela Wave. For this reason , No One will be able to forget her. Now she is again in the news over property dispute. She said that all her property which she gained through her hard work has been
Snatched by her family members . She said that her sister and brother have betrayed her and robbed her off all her money and assets which she had earned from the industry by hard work.

Once She was a huge craze for the youths. The sex goddess of the Malayalam film industry had a huge following all over south India. She had guaranteed the success of her films and minted money
while the super stars films got flopped in the box office . She revealed this and made allegation against her family in a Kannada Reality Show