Rajeev Ravi has not Said anything Like that – Geetu Mohandas

In the interview given to the publication, Rajeev said that noted actor, director , Scriptwriter Sreenivasan has used middle class sentiments for commercial gains. He also criticized noted Indian filmmaker Mani Ratnam that he had destroyed Indian cinema by making films like Roja. He also said that Oscar winning American Film maker Quentin Tarantino is a big time fraud.

The statement of Rajeev Ravi given to a publication has sparked up controversy. Cinematographer turned director has commented that he hate the films of Sreenivasan and Maniratnam has spoiled the Indian cinema and the Oscar winning American film maker Quentin Tarantino is a big fraud and this has attracted controversy. But now, Actress , film maker and wife of Rajeev Geetu Mohandas has come forward defending her husband. She said that the statement what was quoted in the media about her husband is not true. The media might have misquoted and twisted the the statement to get fame.
She slammed the media stating that it is media who exaggerated the real content in the interview. She criticized them for the irresponsible behavior. She also added that only the immature persons will respond to these twisted media reports and they should have responded only after knowing the truth.

She asks the media why they twist some ones statement given during an interview and make totally out of context. Like this activities to gain fame within one night is cheap. She also told that she hate the journalists who attack persons emotional sentiments. Geetu said.