Rachana Narayanankutty to be seen in a new get up

Rachana Narayanankutty will be changing her get up for Asif Ali. This make over of Rachana would be for the new film directed by Rupesh Peethamparan. The film is titled as You too Brutus and she would be playing the heroine of Asif Ali. Rachana would be playing the role of a modern girl in the film. she says that she is very happy to become the part of the film and she told that this would be an entirely new character which she had played so far. She would be playing as Asif Ali’s wife in the film. Besides Asif Ali and Rachana the film also has Aju Wargheese, sreenivasan, Anu Mohan, Tovino Thomas Honey rose, Ena Saha will also plays the important characters in the film.