Puthu Yugam Channel News – 6 Doctors 1008 Queries

‘An instant clinic at your drawing rooms’ is how Puthuyugam’s programme ‘6 Doctorhalum 1008 sandhehangalum’ is going to be. Diseases that have sprung up in this modern industrious era do not have caste, class, ethnicity based discriminations. New diseases are invariably harmful to both the affluent and the common population. The rich consult physicians and get medical advice on new diseases, whereas the poor suffer without access to expensive medical services. You might be suffering from illness, and pile up immense queries about it. To clarify your illness related queries and doubts, Puthuyugam’s programme ‘6 Doctorhalum 1008 sandhehangalum’ is going to enter your drawing rooms as an instant clinic. The team comprises of physicians specialized in various branches of medicine, who are prominent in their own domains. They are not going administer any treatment to you, but provide you with the very vital hope to go on. You can talk to these doctors, about the health issues that scare and weaken you, get beaming advices and expel your worries. This Monday to Friday live programme to be telecast at 10.am, is going be your home clinic. Hurry up! Grab your telephones! And Start Dialing! Our telephone number, 044-4569 444. Enquire anything pertaining to diseases and illness and get your doubts completely clarified!