Press Release Director Raju Murugan

Director Raju Murugan of 'Cuckoo' fame has always been a man of few words and more action . Celebrated as a column writer Raju ventured into the film arena with ' Cuckoo' a film that was celebrated by the media and the trade circles. Raju is all set to venture into his next big film. 'It was the massive support from my media friends that initiated the success of 'Cuckoo'. I enjoyed every phase of 'cuckoo's success and had been penning the script for my next film. There are queries and speculations in a section of the media that i have been planing my next film with a happening star which is not true at this point of time. Actually i am planning a film with an out and out new genre.My script will determine the star cast of my film and to my knowledge it is too early to speculate on the casting as of now.The formal announcement on the same will reach the media friends shortly and until then speculations on my next project is the next to wild imagination' declares the mild mannered writer director with clarity.