Open letter to the Chief Minister from Nikesh Kumar in reply to allegation by the Home Minister

Nikesh Kumar

There was an allegation by the Home Minister that Saritha Nair had also called the ‘Reporter TV’ editor-in-chief M V Nikesh Kumar. In reply to this Nikesh Kumar has written an open letter to the chief minister. In this, he alleges that the home minister is indulging in character assassination in retaliation to the undesirable truth revealed by him. Last few days Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan has been telling at different places that Saritha had called Nikesh Kumar also. But the bulk messages sent in response to ‘Onam greetings’ were being used by Thiruvanchoor to create a bad image about him. If the home minister uses threatening tactics like this, against him he is not going to tolerate it and keep quiet, he added in the letter. The letter was handed over to the chief minister directly