No intervention now in the solar scam inquiry

No intervention now in the solar scam inquiry

Kochi: High court today said that there is no need to get intervened now in the solar case inquiry. High court said that the lower apex court can proceed with its investigation and in this point of time the high court will not get intervened. This has been clarified by the court while considering the complaint submitted by Sreedharan Nair asking for CBI probe.  This has been clarified by the divisional bench including the chief justice.

The Lawyer of the complainant did not have an answer for the questions asked by the court.

In which circumstance that the case should be handed over to CBI. Whether he has any proof against the government related to this. Whether the action taken against the tainted workers in the CM’s office. Court made a conclusion that still the CM and the Home minister is under the shadow of suspicion. There were reports by the press on this. But the reports of media cannot be considered as proof.