No Evidence Against Chief Minister –Says Chennithala

Ramesh ChennithalaTrivandrum: There is no evidence against the Chief Minister proving  for his involvement in the Solar Scam said KPCC President Mr. Ramesh Chennithala. Opposition has failed to prove that the Chief Minister went out of the way .  It is childish to ask for the resignation of the Chief Minister and the opposition is not able to answer why he has to resign. The protest by opposition is politically motivated and they are aiming at the next parliament election. And this Governement is not fearing any of these protest said the KPCC President

LDF failed to take action against  the fraud  but UDF are able to take action against those people. Enquiry is so far  going well with out any complaints from anywhere. Minister K C Joseph did not say that Judicial enquiry can be conducted . Chief Minister is not responsible for the mistakes of personnel staff. If so during the Chief Minister ship of V.S Achuthanandan also allegations were raised against his personnel staff. Whether V.S will take that to his responsibility Mr. Chennithala asked