New Guidelines for appointment in aided plus two schools

New Guidelines for appointment in aided plus two schools

Thiruvananthapuram: Government is trying to bring strict control over the appointments in aided higher secondary schools in the state. For all the appointments government sanction is required. Interview board should have the government representative of Deputy rank as member. The new guidelines are put forward following the complaints and comments from court against the appointments in aided higher secondary schools. Circular regarding this has be released by the Director of Higher Secondary Education.

Here onwards for the appointments advertisements has to be given in minimum two leading news papers. In case if for a particular post applicants are below three, appointment procedures should be cancelled and new advertisement has to be given. For the applicants minimum 15 days time to be given from the date of advertisement for submitting the application. The board of interview should be chaired by the school manager and principal and the government representative having deputy rank should be there in the board for interview. Another

major instruction in the circular is that the appointment can be made only for  the positions existing. The maximum score that can be given in interview will be 10. Score has to be given for each academic achievements. Earlier it was possible to make the appointment even if  there is only one  applicant. By the new guideline it is statutory to have minimum three applicants.