My luck to have co-starred with Prithviraj and Andrea – Nanditha

Nanditha comes to the Malayalam movie industry through the movie ‘London Bridge’. Nanditha has acted in different Telungu and Kannada movies. Nanditha claims that her experience in malayalam movies is really wonderful. Nanditha has the role of a girl who goes to London in search of a job. Nanditha is co-starring with Andrea Jeremia as the heroine of Prithviraj. She considers acting with Prithviraj and Andrea is her great luck as Prithviraj is a great actor in malayalam and Andrea is a great actress in tamil. Both these great actors had helped
Nanditha in acting as well in language handling. She really enjoyed acting with Prithviraj and Andrea, Nanditha said. She is not committing any malayalam movies now, only after knowing the feedback from the viewers about her first movie will she commit in other movies in malayalam. Nanditha selects movies after reading the script only, she opts movies with good scripts whichever language may it be. The movies she got in telungu and kannada are really good ones. In both she plays modern characters – said the nineteen year old upcoming actress Nanditha.