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It is an irony that in this nation, where women as worshipped as Goddess, rivers and languages are also seen by a few as object of lust. When a woman sets out to travel alone, how the society see her and what are all the difficulties that she has to face and overcome forms the crux of Thagaval. Information is wealth, they say. A man's life takes twists and turns on the formation that he comes across in his life. One such information that changed the fortune and sets up the momentum forms the crux of Thagaval. The movie is directed by Suseenthira, who worked with the likes of Bharathan and Joshi. He has helmed Tamil television serials too. His Malayalam movie Vaidooriyam won the appreciation of the critics in Kerala. His maiden Tamil directorial venture is Thagaval. It is produced by Motion Craft Produstions in Association FVMS Company. Desha, Rishi, Mayilsamy, Dimple Rose, Sreehs and Master Vishnu form part of the cast.