Mohanlal’s short film for lighting up the world with smile

Mohanlal has asked everyone to light up the world with a smile . the short film which is titled as Punchirukku Parasparam’ is produced by Pisharadi. In this film he asks every one to smile to each other and light up the world with the smile. Mohanlal, Ranji Panikkar, Ramesh Pisharadi, Dharmajan, Pearli Mani has been acted in the film.

The short film has been launched by Megastar Mammootty. The film gives an advise to everyone to greet each other and that is the theme of the short film. the length of the film is about 2 minutes and the film has conveyed its message very beautifully. The film closes with the usual style dialogue of stars saying ‘Let the each moment of everyone is filled with happiness and each and everyone’s face has a smile’.