Mohanlal’s daughter to soon enter the silver screen magic

This time Malayalam super star Mohanlal is all set to conduct a stage show in Sharjah cricket stadium in Dubai . The show will have a team of yesteryear actresses to celebrate the good old days of Malayalam films . Mohanlal will be presenting the show titled Vismayam 2016 in which he will perform with the heroines of eighties and Nineties.
Yesteryear actresses like Poornima Bhagyaraj, Ambika, Rekha, Meena and Sukanya will be participating in the show. But now the discussion point in the social media is that Why Mohanlal has selected the name Vismayam 2016 for the show. The name for the show which the superstar has chosen has aroused curiosity among the gossip mongers. The talk is that the superstar has chosen the name of his daughter to the show as a new move to introduce his daughter Vismaya Mohanlal into the film industry
When the star sons Dulqur salman, Prithivraj and Vineeth sreenivasan is ruling the industry , Fans want to know whether mohanlal’s daughter Vismaya Mohanlal would enter the world of celluloid.