Ministership for Chennithala: Critical discussions today

Ramesh-Chennithala -Newskerala
Ramesh Chennithala

New Delhi: Since Chief Minister Oommen Chandy also has reached to the Capital, the problems in Kearla on issues including the reshuffle in ministry, there will be critical discussions under the leadership of High Command. Ms. Sonia Gandhi will have meetings with Oommen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala .This is the next step after the discussions Mr. Chennithala had with High Command on previous day. Both the leaders will have meetings with Political Secretary Ahammed Patel, AICC General Secretary in charge of Kerala Mukul Vasnik. There will be meeting with AICC President Ms. Sonia Gandhi also.

I group is of the strong opinion that there should not be any shuffle in the ministry before the Solar scam subsides. Also it is indicated that Ramesh is strong footed to his decision not to join in the ministry. This is conveyed to the high command representatives yesterday night itself. In his discussions with Ms. Gandhi also Ramesh will try to stick on to the same decision. But a group is of the opinion that Ramesh should join the ministry. High Command representative Ahammed Patel and Mukul Vasnik also had the same opinion. Earlier Oommen Chandy had made it clear that he have no objection in having the shuffle in ministry and the High Command have to take the final decision. Today what Ms. Sonia decides will be critical.