Marrying me is a sacrifice – Fahad !!

Fahad Fasil and Nasriya publised the news of their engagement through the social networking sites. It was after this news that Fahad commented that choosing a partner like him will be a challenge and a game of luck for any girl.

Th complete post of Fahad goes thus , ” I got late to wake up as the shooting was completed very late. The engagement between me and Nasriya is going to take place. It is a game of luck and a challenge for any girl to marry a person like me. My family liked Nasriya. I chatted with Nasriya and fell in love with her.
I am taking a big step in my life now. Consent for the marriage with Nasriya has been got. Let me tell you,Nasriya has changed me all together. Nasriya is a lady with magical power. The support and love you rendered to me is suffocating me. I promise you – I will love her till death.”

Nasriya had posted that the engagement with Fahad has been over and she also thanked all for the good minds, hearts and support.