Manju cuts Dilip From her Name

Finally Manju Warrier had taken steps to remove Dilips’s name from her Name. These reports spice up the divorce news more firm and it also shows that they are proceeding with the formalities required for divorce . Recently Manju has given an Newspaper Ad which says she is changing her sur name in her passport from Manju Gopalakrishnan to Manju Warrier. Gopalakrishnan is the original name of Dileep. This news clearly indicates that the two stars are not keeping in a good relation. Manju wants her passport in her old name itself. And it is for the sake of that she had announced the name change and the address change in the news paper. Reports also claim that Dilip and Manju are living separately since June and manju warrier has moved to her house in Thrissur. It is in her house address that she has changed her address. Earlier in the passport Dilip’s residence address has been mentioned.
In 1998 after her marriage with Dileep, she took a break from the cinemas and now she is back to acting after fourteen years.

After the break when she came back to acting through TV commercials itself there were rumour that she had already filed the divorce petition. Whatever the reasons are, now after fourteen years when she comes back to films we are seeing her as old Manju Warrier itself. There were also rumours that she is charging a whopping amount for acting. According to the business sources, she had raise her fees for doing advertisements to Rs 1 Crore after some of the commercials featuring her became big hit.