Mani as villain to Mohanlal

The bilingual film Maithri starring Mohanlal in the lead , which is made in Malayalam as well as Kannada at the same time will reach theaters soon. Mohanlal and Puneet Rajkumar will be playing important roles in the film. Mohanlal would be playing the character Mahadeva Menon who is a DRDO Scientist.

In the show Kodipathi Junior conducted by Puneet Rajkumar, a boy named Sidharthan from Remand home comes to participate in the programe. He gives correct answer to all the questions and gets famous. Later the audience knows that Sidhu is a murderer. how the boy in this early age becomes the murderer, or the crime has been done by some one else and the blame falls on this boy. The film is in search of answer for this question.