Manglish to be the Ramsan release

Mamooty breaks the stereotypic failure of his movies. His latest movies Baalyakalasakhi, Praise the Lord and Gangster were all flops. Munnariyippu, his latest movie is ab off beat one and that can be yet another flop if it is released during the ramsan. This may affect his upcoming movies manglish and Raajadhi Raaja. So Manglish that has the mix of a masala movie will be released first. This can satisfy the fans and hit can be made through this. Other ramsan releases are Dileep’s Avatharam and Dulquer’s Vikramaadhithyan. There will not be another failure in Mammooty’s career if his movie competes with his son’s and accepts failure. It is by foreseeing this that Manglish wil be released firsr. Munnariyippu by Venu is the story of a prisoner. Mammooty can be nominated for the best actor through this movie.