Mamooty as restaurant manager!!

Mammootty comes in the role of a restaurant manager, Shekharankutty in the movie ‘Rajadhi Raja’ directed by Ajay Vasudev. Script by Udaykrishna – Sibi K.Thomas team.
Rai Lakshmi is the heroine of the movie and she has the role of Mammooty’s wife. Rai Lakshmi is coming in combination with Mammooty after a short break.
Shekharankutty is the manager of a restaurant run in a highway. Lorries of other states find this as a shelter. But later these lorries turn out to be nightmares for Shekharankutty. Mammooty comes in a variety look with beard and saffron mark.
Locations of the movie are Hyderabad, Mumbai, Koinapathur and Pollachi. Ilayaraaja’s son Karthik Raja is doing the music for the movie. The movie will be released for the Onam.