Mammootty To Politics

Mammootty and Mohan Lal are Malayalam actors without opponents. If it is heard that they are going to stop acting, what will be the condition? Yes, for two days such a news is on the air. Super Star Mammootty is going to stop acting to become lively in politics, it is heard. There was a report about the intention of Mammootty to contest in the coming assembly elections. As the news became live, Mammootty himself had made it clear in his face book page that there is not even far distant possibility in it. But, again the news is getting heated up. As it is said that there won’t be fumes without fire, some where something is hidden in the ashes.

There is speculation that he is eyeing the Rajya Sabha seat. These news are coming out quoting the closed circle of Mammooty. Earlier there was a report that the main leaders of the LDF had met Mammootty and discussed about contesting in the forth coming elections. Many fans approached him with a request not to enter into politics. They have expressed their opinion on Mammootty’s facebook page. Now his son Dulhar is active in the cinema and he has already crossed age 60 years. These also are encouraging factors for getting into politics. Malayalees are waiting to see whether their super star will also follow the steps of Telugu, Tamil and Kannada actors who become active in politics once they cross their age.

In Kerala politics, there is no story of cine actors reign the stage. But, in Andhra and Tamil Nadu, it is a common scene. When ever such things arise in Kerala Politics, the Keralites who are politically rich may not believe the image of a super star and select.